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Everyone! all your bakugan have been reset, you have to make a new gauntlet and brawler.

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 my gauntlet jake

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PostSubject: my gauntlet jake   Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:36 pm

brawlers name:jake
brawlers age:12
physical appearance:tall ,light skin,blue eyes and white hair
background:was abandoned as a child grew up on the streets , he learnt about his past and wants to seek revenge on the person who killed his parents.

brawler attribute:darkus
guardian bakugan:darkus:hydranoid:450g
starter bakugan 1:griffon 400g
starter bakugan 2:terraclaw 400g

starter ability card 1:g boost
starter ability card 2:g burst
starter ability card 3:gate buster
starter ability card 4:ability breaker

starter gate card 1:stand off
starter gate card 2:g power merge
starter gate card 3:darkus reactos

starter bakugan trap:falcon fly:400g
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my gauntlet jake
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